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After our Founder, Tokushichi Nomura, cemented his success in the securities business, he attempted to expand his business to the industrial field. After joining an expedition to Taiwan and southern Asia in 1916 and inspecting a rubber plantation, he established the "Nomura Southern Sea Business Division" in the following year after purchasing the Danau Salak Plantation in Borneo (Indonesia). This is the foundation of our company.

Rubber Plantation Rubber Plantation
Inspection Team Inspection Team
Inspecting land for renewal Inspecting land for renewal
Plantation Entrance Plantation Entrance
Carrying Latex Carrying Latex
Latex Station Latex Station
Sheet Factory Sheet Factory

Establishment of the "Singapore Nomura Business Company". Nomura starts to export rubber produced in own plantation and factories. The plantations and factories owned by Nomura developed to some of the biggest in the region. A vital characteristic of the business was to provide plenty of benefits and welfare for the workers; in order to co-exist and co-prosper together.

Rubber Processing Factory Rubber Processing Factory
Hospital within the Plantation Hospital within the Plantation
Unloading of wet rubber sheets Unloading of wet rubber sheets
Wet Rubber collecting boats: Nomura-maru Wet Rubber collecting boats: Nomura-maru
Rubber Latex testing Rubber Latex testing
Coagulation tanks in factory Coagulation tanks in factory
Rubber Smoking Room Rubber Smoking Room
Rubber Storage Rubber Storage

After the end of WWII, the Nomura Zaibatsu was subject to the Zaibatsu liquidation by GHQ, forcing Nomura to withdraw from the plantation business in Borneo. After the Zaibatsu liquidation, the subsidiary companies continued business independently. The business division of the Nomura Business Company, the predecessing company of the current Nomura Trading Co.,Ltd., also assumed business independently, and despite having being forced to withdraw from the plantation business, continued to import Natural Rubber from South-East Asian countries to the Japanese market.

Asset seizing of Zaibatsu families Asset seizing of Zaibatsu families

From "Showa History Volume 13: Ruins and deficiency" Mainichi Newspapers Co.

100 years since the beginning of
our Natural Rubber Business...

Nomura Trading Co.,Ltd. now operates under a 3-business unit scheme, dealing in a wide range of business products from clothing, food, and machinery, but the only original business that remains is Natural Rubber. Supplying Natural Rubber for over a century; we will continue to strive to provide high-quality Natural Rubber.

Natural Rubber (NR)

History of our Natural Rubber Business